Art & Craft

CoursesCertified Course
(1 Month)
Certified Course
(3 Months)
Hobby Course
(10-15 Days)
Macrame Show piece, Articles, Jhula, Curtain, owl,Freindship bands, Belts, Keyholder, Bangle stand, Mirror, Coasters Purses,show piece, curtain,scarf,bandanwar,snowflakes,table mats,door mats Freindship bands, belts, keyholder,bangle stand,Mirror, pot holder, towel holder
Paper quilling 2 dimensionals-Collarges, Pot, Photo frames, Accessories Decoration, Coasters, Key chains, Hair accessories, Envelops 3 dimensionals-Collarges,,Baskets, Boxes, Diff shapes,Photo frames,Accessories Decoration,Coasters,Dolls, cartoons 1 dimensional- Photo frame, shagun envelopes,, jwellery, wind chimes
Candle Making Wax candles 5 types & Gel candles theme based Wax candles & Gel candles (10 types with surface ornamentation) Wax candles 2 types & gel candles 2 types theme based
Trousseau Pacaking Paper bags, Platters, Trays, Baskets. Saree lehenga packing,Saree trays,Basket decoration,Ring platters,Saree covers,Naryial decoration,Bouquet Presentation,potli bags, shagun boxes,Baby shower. 10-15 Days
Per article
Bandanwar 2-Months
Paper Base, wooden base , fabric, flowers
Paper bandanwar, bookaran bandanwar, Flowers Bandanwar
Fabric & paper bandanwar ( 2 types)
Pooja Thali 1-Month
Wooden thali, silver plates, Card board thali (5 types)
Per item
Paper bags 1-Month
Envelops, Bags, Baby shower Bags, Different Shapes Bag,vanity boxes,theme based bags & boxes
Per Item
Best Out of waste 2-Months
Waste Car Tyre, Plastic canns, Papers, Marriage cards, Wooden items, flower making,Coasters,candle stand,hanging nest,photo album,disc ball,marriage cards
Waste CD, Newspaper, Bottles, Bangles, Boxes, Wind chimes, Thermacoal articles
Per Item
Flower making 2-Months
Fabric , crystal, beads,paper, Cloth, stocking, Tape, Wire Flower,ribbons
Fabric , Crystal , beads flowers
Per Item
Rangoli 1-Month
Wooden, floating, OHP Rangoli, Paper rangoli,Sand rangoli, CD Rangoli
Per Item
Wind Chimes 15-Days
Paper craft, beads
Door hangings 20-Days
Wooden & paper
Greeting Cards 7-Days
Paper Craft & Bookmarks 1-Month
explosion boxes,Greeting cards, bookmarks,envelops, Punches, Different articles,Rangoli
Greeting cards, bookmarks,envelops
Paper Weaving 15-Days
Baskets,trays,penstands,all decorative items