B.P. Jain Skill Development Centre-Profile

The Inauguration of this “Shri. B.P.Jain Skill Development Centre” occurred on 10th March 1991 .

The main Aim of this Skill Development Centre is to Provide a Practical Skills with fundamentals of Theories so that the candidates coming out of this centre will be in a position to earn money for his family independently ( Self Employed ) or can get a job easily because of the acquired skill.

This voluntary acts towards Society has started and is continuing for the past 40 years in Rohtak city of Haryana. To do the service towards Society in a Professional way, LPS Group’s family decided and constructed a Hi-Tech Infrastructure Facility and named as “Shri. B.P.Jain Skill Development Centre” in respect of the Founder of the LPS Group, where with the guidance of USHA “World Class high Skilled Professionals” will be produced who Can get jobs / Can be self employed for earning money due to the acquired high profile skills

Society is the place where we are in, which gave everything what we have now and which is going to give us everything what we want in future! But for this Generous Society What we are going to do? How we are going to show our gratitude? How Best we can improve the same so that it will be useful for us intangibly?

To answer for all these above thoughts, LPS Group’s family ventured in many ways like:

  • Participating in many Social works
  • Organizing many Public awareness programs
  • Suggesting and cooperating with many government bodies for the Welfare of the Society
  • Training, teaching and improving the vocational skills (like painting, embroidery, beautification) of poor ladies
  • Helping and giving awareness of government’s Schemes for the upliftment of the Women and Children and so on